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Sneak Preview

23 Jan

…from Eryk Salvaggio’s essay about “Electro-Shock Blues.” Full essay will be in Issue 1, coming in early March.

Electro-Shock Blues was about funerals and the weirdness of surviving them. It was constantly reassuring me that my euphoria was acceptable, even healthy, when first confronted with proof that life was arbitrary and terrifying.

The facts of that time have become compressed with those lyrics. Science tells us that we reconstruct our memories every time we recollect them. Memories aren’t photographs, they’re sets of instructions for imagining the past. Music can corrupt those rules. When my best friend came back for the funeral, did she and I drive to the top of a mountain to look at the city, “up over the billboards and the factories and smoke?” Or did I invent that image from the lyrics to “Last Stop: This Town?”