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Sunset Rubdown, Mending of the Gown

12 Jan

I’ve found that one of the odder aspects of my personal relationship with the music I listen to often is that I create narratives for the musicians–usually the singers–based on what I hear, and I don’t want that disrupted by reality. I’ve always imagined that the opening to “Mending of the Gown” is pretty much what it is like inside Spencer Krug’s head, jangly, chaotic, a sensitive, jumpy positivity that could be easily upended by an offhand remark. (“And the paddle go up and the paddle go down”…) I imagine a person with both incredible energy and sensitivity, an endearing combination. Perhaps not all that self-aware. I’ve also always envisioned the woman who sings back-up as being madly in love with Spencer–she thinks he’s the most brilliant person she’s ever met–and he is somewhat oblivious to this.

Is it creepy to do this, a kind of real person fan fic? I do realize this character is just my projection, more a composite of people I’ve known, and my self, than about Spencer Krug. In any case I find this kind of daydreaming that comes about when I listen to music useful in developing characters in my own writing.

Another aspect of my enjoyment of Sunset Rubdown is that it’s the kind of music that is probably extremely annoying to a lot of people. Most of their songs have ADHD, or OCD, building walls of sound, zipping through instruments and structural change-ups, occasionally getting stuck on a particular riff for what most people would probably consider to be way too long. I could understand finding it completely abrasive, and it makes me feel a little superior that I don’t. In a similar vein, I’ve had more than one close relationship with an utterly misanthropic man, and felt it must indicate my specialness that he actually was fond of me. Doesn’t it often feel like music chooses you?